MD Entertainment Presents Comedy Hindi Web Series Fun Unlimited Season 1

Film Revolves Around A Husband, Wife And Wife’s Sister Who Comes To Visit The Couple And What Comedy Incidents Happen Between Them

Cast : Sagar Thapa, Mousumi Singh And Esa Bandyopadhyay

Producer : Manish De

Director, Cinematographer, Editor And Color Correction : Rajjat Talukdar

Makeup Artist And Hairstylist : Sangeeta Mallick

Casting Director : Sagar Thapa

Production Design : Manav

Camera Caretaker : Bablu And Amit

Light : Arun Electric

Editing Studio : Creative Studio

Dubbing Studio : Gautam Mukherjee, Sargam

Technical Support : Creative Film Production

Location : Hotel Swagatam Salt Lake, Kolkata

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