The hindi short film gives a message creativity has no horizon, no limit, no barrier. Please do not try to stop competition. Let the world see your colors of stardom. Please do not kill a talent, to ensure your nepotism. Audience will never forgive.

MD Entertainment Presentation

Produced By Manish De

Starring : Sagar Thapa as Mukund Ji, Megha Banerjee as Sumi and Mousumi Singh as Doll.

Direction, Story, Script, Edit and Cinematography : Bappa Dasgupta

Casting Director and Production Manager : Sagar Thapa

Makeup and Hair Styling : Mou Jain Chakraborty

Light : Akash Das

Assistant To Cinematography : Baban Das

Voice Recordist : Subrata Pramanik

Recording Studio : PRO MIXX STUDIO

Sound Designing : Arijit Dasgupta

Special Thanks For Voice Of Megha (Sumi) : Shrestha Ganguly

Special Thanks For Location : Siddhartha Raikhy

Special Thanks For Media Coverage : Amit Chakraborty and Samapity Roy

Edit And Colour Correction : Digital Cinema Solutions

Language : Hindi

Release Date : 28 th July, 2020

Running Time : 31 Minutes 37 Seconds.

Country : India